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Song of Inspiration: Have a Little Faith by John Hiatt September 29, 2011

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You know, I always thought the song was directed at another person.  Thought he was asking, somewhat demanding, the person of reference to have a little faith in him.  But it occurred to me I could be wrong. Gasp!  Yes, sometimes I can be wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, the singer is having a moment with himself.  Maybe, just maybe, he is talking to himself.  I mean, we have all done it.  Standing in front of the mirror, seriously examining ourselves beyond the physical but to the emotional level.  Please tell me I am not the only one!

Sometimes an invisible, inexplicable self-imposed barrier holds us back.  A barrier that prevents us from taking a leap of faith and that causes us to run from our goals instead of toward our goals.  A barrier that for some strange reason causes us to guess and second guess our plans for our future to the point we can’t even remember our plans.  Sigh.  I am experiencing that right now and frankly I couldn’t put my finger on this thing, my kryptonite.  Then I hear the song and it hit me. (SN: Did notice how I am always getting “hit” by songs?)

It happened as I watched “Love Happens” with Jen Aniston and Aaron Eckhart.  I wont reveal the good stuff but lets just say he spends the movie stuck, unable to move forward because he is focused on the rear view mirror.  Deep, huh?  Can’t take credit because its words from the movie.  Anyhoo, he finally gets to the point where he is unstuck and that’s when the song kicks in.

Our path is easier when the people in our lives have faith in our ability to make things happen.  Whether its bake a cake, hang curtains or scale Mount Everest.  When our family, friends, bosses, even enemies have faith in us, watch out world because we can conquer anything.  But…our ability to achieve greatness is severely hampered when we fail to have faith in ourselves.

Confession:  I don’t have faith in myself.  I used to, but not anymore.  I am talking “unwavering, you can do it” faith.  I believe I have the ability to accomplish certain tasks but it is limited to, you guessed it, certain tasks.  Sigh.  Trust me…its not something I like admitting, even typing for that matter but I cannot type a lie.  Frankly, I feel stuck.  I have talked about it and gotten support from those who have faith in me but guess what…still stuck.  I need to have faith in myself starting now.  I am not sure of the how, but I know someway I need “to have a little faith in me.”


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