Lyrics of Reason

Lyrical musings about relationships!

FAQ’s about Cooke N. Mazder September 11, 2010

Are you nervous about the things people will say about your blog?

LOL, yes and no!  While I want people to love everything I write, I am realistic.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with all of my views.  While I appreciate constructive criticism, I want readers to “keep in mind that I am an artist and I am sensitive about my shit…so y’all be nice about it.”  Call Tyrone by Erykah Badu

Do you find it easy to admit when you are wrong?

Depends on the person and the situation.  Most times I don’t have an issue apologizing once I realized I did something wrong.  Other times, however, “my pride won’t let me call you and apologize. It’s selfish to say, but my pride won’t let me come to you and look you in the eyes and say…I’m sorry.My Pride by Algebra

What type of music do you generally listen to?

I listen to crunk and reggae music when I want to get hyped.  I listen to slow jams, Jamaican slow rock and neo-soul when I want to mellow out.

What song best represents you when you have bad day?

Mean Mugging by Crime Mob.  My facial expression is a reflection of my current mood.  When I am having a bad day, I get pouty, quiet and I look mean as a snake hence my song choice.

Everyone has goals, what are your goals?

There a lot I want to accomplish in this life.  “I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes”, dang it I want it all!  But at the end of the day, “I just want to be, just want to be successful.”    Successful by Drake feat. Trey Songz

If you had one relationship wish, what would it be?

In love and life, “I want to be loved, not for who you think I am nor what you want me to be. Could you love me for me? Real love with no strings attached.I Wanna Be Loved by Buju Banton

What song reminds you of your favorite person?

My mom is my favorite person.  She is cool mother, supportive, and funny.  Regardless of my flaws (hey, I never said I was perfect), she is still my main cheerleader and that is why I think of her whenever I hear She is Still Loving Me by Morgan Heritage. “She is still loving me…I have done my share of wrongs…[yet] she still loving me …someone tell the Lord he made no mistake” when he put her in my life.


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