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Song of Inspiration: My Neck, My Back by Khia September 16, 2010

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So, girls night usually includes a discussion, and maybe an episode, of “Sex and the City”, “Girlfriends” or “The Game”.  Did I mention wine and a large bowl of guacamole?  Undoubtedly, the discussion turns into unabashed chat about sex.  While I am not a prude and am willing to discuss sex, I don’t like discussing specifics i.e. what I do or what I like or where I like it.  It makes me uncomfortable. Frankly, hearing my girlfriend discuss her sex-ventures with the homely looking professor is a bit much as well.  I mean do I really need to know his level of performance?  Absolutely not!  While I won’t divulge the details as told to me, I will say based on what she told me the professor’s knowledge and skills aren’t limited to academia!

Now, I have no qualms telling my friends, guys and girls, specifics about my bathroom visits after eating a super spicy sushi roll or two cobs of corn.  However, my personal activities regarding S.E.X…. that is not a need to know for anyone but HIM.  So you may be wondering “What exactly will you discuss?”  Well I will tell you…I will discuss sex…. in general.   I am comfortable talking about what-if scenarios as long as there are no identifiers.  I mean think about.  How comfortable are you in front of a guy after hearing from his girl about his skill, or lack thereof?  Like Mr. T would say “I pity the fool.”  So to avoid awkward moments or embarrassing the clueless, I believe in discussing generalities and hypothetical scenarios.

One particular scenario my girlfriends and I discussed: what should a girl do if a guy…how shall I say this…eats down there but has no freaking clue what he is doing?  Is the scenario not clear to you?  Simply, what could (or should) a woman do if a guy gives head in a manner that is criminal?  Some girlfriends thought it was best to stop him in the midst of his meal and tell him in no uncertain terms “Boo, you are failing miserably.  Just give up!”.  Some thought it may be best to purr commands like “Softer, right there, lower”…. you get the drift.  One person thought it was better just to suffer in silence, fake the funk and not make the same mistake twice.  (Looking back now, I can see why only one person was willing to do this!)  (more…)