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Song of Inspiration: Insomnia by Jill Scott December 27, 2010

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Has he managed to turn you from a woman of substance into… a brick flying, calling too damn much, crying … and spying woman?” With the insight of a psychic, Jill Scott sings about insomnia induced by her lover’s inaction to consider her feelings and treat her with respect.  Like some women, Jill is singing about being home, laying in bed and wishing up a storm.  She is wishing for her man to come back home.  She then wishes that he would call and say he missed her.  It gets to the point where Jill settles and is just wishing for him to call and say hi.  Jill wishes until she wished the night away.  Now she is not only miserable but she is physically drained and forced to go to work.  How many of us can relate, whether through personal experience or a friend’s experience?

Jill Scott’s question reminded me of discussions I had with my girlfriends.  These discussions usually came after we spent too much time analyzing episodes of Sex and the City, Girlfriends or The Game.  The typical episode that would send us into frenzy would involve a female character acting in a manner she knew was inappropriate or pathetic but she did it anyway.  Why?  Because her lover, the one who should be making her happy, the one she holds in high esteem, hurt her ever so deep.  She is on a downward spiral because the “he” in their lives hurt them bad.  One memorable episode that got our group discussion going is the episode of The Game where Melanie crawls into bed with Malik just to spite her ex.  [Sidenote: I am so happy that new episodes are returning in January on BET.  Make sure you stay tuned!]  (more…)


Song of Inspiration: She Got Her Own by Ne-Yo ft. Jamie Fox & Fabulous December 18, 2010

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I came across the following article on as I was making my daily celebrity gossip blog rounds.  As I read this guy’s perspective of dating a financially independent woman, I couldn’t help but smile and think about the song of inspiration. “She don’t look at me like, captain save ’em, gold diggin’, no, she don’t do that. Now she lookin’ at me like inspiration, she wanna be complimentin’ my swag.”  Finally, a man’s perspective!

Too often I come across articles talking about guys who feel threatened by a woman who is financially independent.  A boy worries he may lose the woman in his life because she doesn’t need to rely on him.  A boy is scared for he realizes a financially independent woman has options. Why does he fear a woman with options?  My take: a woman choosing to be with a guy can also chose not to be with the guy. A boy is scared because he knows she “don’t expect nothin’ from no guy”. A man, on the other hand, is secure.  A man appreciates a financially independent woman and recognizes the woman as his partner.  A man knows there ain’t nothin’ that’s more sexy, than a girl that want, but don’t need” him.

Now, I know there are gals who act like girls.  Girls get a little money in the pocketbook and are fooled into thinking money is an excuse to have a trifling attitude.  Girls often throw their financial independence in the guys face, not realizing a man brings more to a relationship than good looks and a check book.  I am certainly not talking about them!  And I know for darn sure, Ne-Yo and Jamie are not sanging (yes I know that is not the correct word) about them.  The grown and sexy men and women out there are the inspiration to the song and my post.  But take my word, read the below article and tell me if you agree.  (more…)


Song of Inspiration: Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James December 16, 2010

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My friend called me to vent about the new guy in her life.  She said “I want him to call me because I am on his mind.  I want him to send me flowers.   I want him to want to be with me.  I just…I just want it.”  All I heard was Etta James soulful voice.  My friend then asked “Am I crazy?”  I wanted to say “Girl noooo! All you want is that Sunday kind of love.”  But before I could answer her question, she says what too many of us have said “BUT…he told me he isn’t ready for a relationship and that’s okay.”  Now I wanted to say, “Yup, you are crazy!”  Of course I didn’t say that.  I nodded because I understood.

A single woman is a lot like an unemployed individual.  The single woman and the unemployed individual know they deserve the best and both want the best (a good man and a career, respectively).  However, due to the lack of supply, increased demand and frustration in finding it, both individuals settle for whatever is available.  Now I am going to ask you a question that I recently asked another individual conducting a job search: Are you settling?  (more…)


Song of Inspiration: Ring the Alarm by Beyonce December 3, 2010

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I know what you are thinking.  Cooke…that’s my jam or Cooke…I knew you were going throw Beyonce up in the mix sooner or later.  My response: You know!  Regardless of your thoughts about her, her family, her relationship or her talent, she does sing about situations that we can relate to.  Now just for a moment…think about the words of the song.  In particular focus on the part where she says… “She gonna profit everything I taught if let you go…can’t let you go…darn if I let you go.”  Is she talking about her lover or a poodle that she finally got house-broken?

Sometimes women focus too much on how much work they put into a relationship that women stay in dead end relationships.  We often tell anyone who encourages us to leave that “I know he does this but I will be darned if I leave so the next chick can reap the benefits.”  Women say these statements with a straight face even though their female intuition is screaming that their man is a dog.  (more…)


Song of Inspiration: The Trouble With Love Is by Kelly Clarkson October 8, 2010

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It’s late evening and raining.  I am riding in the passenger seat, looking out the window at nothing in particular.  A SUV in front veers on the shoulder and splashes in a puddle of water.  A lady to the right waives to apologize after she almost changed lanes into my passenger side.  Yup, a storm is definitely brewing and people just cant handle themselves accordingly.  It’s the type of weather that makes you wish you were curled up on the couch, with a juicy medium-well T-bone on your lap, and a glass of wine within arm’s reach.

As I look at the overcast sky, the song of inspiration starts playing on the radio.  As Kelly Clarkson’s humming comes through the speakers, I think of a particular female celebrity who is under scrutiny for her relationship with a married man.  In fact, a few female celebrities come to mind.  Now this post is not dedicated to judging the celebrities or talking about the hurt their actions has caused or the multiple individuals adversely affected by their actions.  That’s another post, another song, and another day! (more…)


Song of Inspiration: You Should Have Told Me by Kelly Price October 3, 2010

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Don’t you hate those moments of clarity?  You know…those moments when you realize that you are not the perfect mate.  When you realize that despite your great qualities, you can be nagging, rude, just darn difficult.  But despite it all, HE loves you.  I am not talking about God, although this post is applicable to him as well.  I am talking about the special man in your life, your boo.  The one who makes you feel special inside, the one who makes you laugh when you feel like crying.  That special guy that gives you a kiss goodnight and says he loves you despite the unlovable things you may have said and did.

Well, I recently had that moment of clarity.  Yes, I must admit it because I cannot type a lie!  One particular Sunday, while babysitting our godchildren, I was particularly difficult with HIM.  My mood was funky because I allowed little things, things that didn’t matter, to annoy me.   Instead of sharing my feelings, I pouted like a two-year old.  Sad, huh?  Anyway, when the kids went to bed, I did everything I could to avoid evaluating my behavior.  But it didn’t work.  So I decided to distract myself by listening to music and Kelly Price’s song came on.

You should’ve told me I wasn’t wild enough, you should’ve told me I didn’t smile enough.”  In the song, “You Should’ve Told Me”, Ms. Kelly P. sings about all the things her guy should have told her and even accuses him of leading her on.  Every time I hear the song, I think “Huh?!?”  Why should he have told her the things she already knew or should have known?  Okay…so what does this song have to do with my moment of clarity.  Well….a lot.  Should I wait for him to bring up my bad attitude / funky mood or use my moment of clarity as a tool for evaluation and self-improvement? Hmmmm….  (more…)


Song of Inspiration: My Neck, My Back by Khia September 16, 2010

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So, girls night usually includes a discussion, and maybe an episode, of “Sex and the City”, “Girlfriends” or “The Game”.  Did I mention wine and a large bowl of guacamole?  Undoubtedly, the discussion turns into unabashed chat about sex.  While I am not a prude and am willing to discuss sex, I don’t like discussing specifics i.e. what I do or what I like or where I like it.  It makes me uncomfortable. Frankly, hearing my girlfriend discuss her sex-ventures with the homely looking professor is a bit much as well.  I mean do I really need to know his level of performance?  Absolutely not!  While I won’t divulge the details as told to me, I will say based on what she told me the professor’s knowledge and skills aren’t limited to academia!

Now, I have no qualms telling my friends, guys and girls, specifics about my bathroom visits after eating a super spicy sushi roll or two cobs of corn.  However, my personal activities regarding S.E.X…. that is not a need to know for anyone but HIM.  So you may be wondering “What exactly will you discuss?”  Well I will tell you…I will discuss sex…. in general.   I am comfortable talking about what-if scenarios as long as there are no identifiers.  I mean think about.  How comfortable are you in front of a guy after hearing from his girl about his skill, or lack thereof?  Like Mr. T would say “I pity the fool.”  So to avoid awkward moments or embarrassing the clueless, I believe in discussing generalities and hypothetical scenarios.

One particular scenario my girlfriends and I discussed: what should a girl do if a guy…how shall I say this…eats down there but has no freaking clue what he is doing?  Is the scenario not clear to you?  Simply, what could (or should) a woman do if a guy gives head in a manner that is criminal?  Some girlfriends thought it was best to stop him in the midst of his meal and tell him in no uncertain terms “Boo, you are failing miserably.  Just give up!”.  Some thought it may be best to purr commands like “Softer, right there, lower”…. you get the drift.  One person thought it was better just to suffer in silence, fake the funk and not make the same mistake twice.  (Looking back now, I can see why only one person was willing to do this!)  (more…)