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Song of Inspiration: Have a Little Faith by John Hiatt September 29, 2011

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You know, I always thought the song was directed at another person.  Thought he was asking, somewhat demanding, the person of reference to have a little faith in him.  But it occurred to me I could be wrong. Gasp!  Yes, sometimes I can be wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, the singer is having a moment with himself.  Maybe, just maybe, he is talking to himself.  I mean, we have all done it.  Standing in front of the mirror, seriously examining ourselves beyond the physical but to the emotional level.  Please tell me I am not the only one!

Sometimes an invisible, inexplicable self-imposed barrier holds us back.  A barrier that prevents us from taking a leap of faith and that causes us to run from our goals instead of toward our goals.  A barrier that for some strange reason causes us to guess and second guess our plans for our future to the point we can’t even remember our plans.  Sigh.  I am experiencing that right now and frankly I couldn’t put my finger on this thing, my kryptonite.  Then I hear the song and it hit me. (SN: Did notice how I am always getting “hit” by songs?) (more…)